KCs (Korea Ex certification)


KCs - Korea Ex Certification

The KCs certificate is mandatory for  Ex equipment in Korea.
With an issued KCs certificate manufacturer can attach the KCs mark on product which provides prove of compliance with high quality and safety standards of products.


We have very specialized knowledge in Korean Ex Certificate, KCs. We have senior experts who have been responsible for a number of KCs certifications from KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency). KOSHA is a South Korean government agency and the main certification body of KCs.

We can help with obtaining KCs certificate which allow manufacturers to sell the products on the Korean market.

Korea Ex Certification (Mandatory, KCs)

Manufacturers of Ex equipment used in the explosive atmospheres is a mandatory safety certification target in accordance with Article 84 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of Korea and shall acquire the safety certification issued by the Minister of Employment and Labor and attach the KCs mark.

Type Certification Procedure


Document Examination Product Examination Technical Capability/Production System Evaluation Surveillance audit
An examination to confirm that documents related to product technology such as machinery and equipment subject to safety certification meet safety certification standards An examination to confirm whether the safety certification target machinery and equipment are consistent with the documentation examination contents and whether the performance regarding safety meets the safety certification standards An evaluation to confirm whether the manufacturer’s technical capability and production system meet the safety certification standards in order to maintain and guarantee the safe performance of the safety certification target machinery and equipment A regular examination to confirm whether the safety-certified manufacturer is consistently complying with the safety certification standards


Examination Period

Document Examination: 30 days (Manufactured outside of Korea)
Quality Examination: 45 days (Manufactured outside of Korea)
Product Examination: 60 days
Surveillance audit: Once a year

Legal Basis of Korea Ex Certification

Article 84 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
Article 74 of the Enforcement Decree of Occupational Safety and Health Act
Article 107 to 114 of the Enforcement Regulation of Occupational Safety and Health Act

Evaluation Standards

A Notification on Protection device Safety Certification: Announcement 2021-22 of Ministry of Employment and Labor

KSC is Here to Help!

KSC welcomes manufacturers who wish to achieve an Korea Ex Certification.

KSC would be happy to assist you with the entire KCs certification procedure according to the Article 84 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
If you have any questions about the process you can contact us at any time.