IECEx Certification

What is IEC?

The letters IEC stand for the International Electrotechnical Commission.  Their mission is to “…achieve worldwide use of IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment systems to ensure the safety, efficiency, reliability and interoperability of electrical, electronic and information technologies…”

What is KSC’s Relationship with IECEx Scheme?

KSC is part of IECEx’s network of Certification Bodies for Ex products, Service Facilities and Personnel Competenties (ExCBs) from across the globe.  In other words, KSC has been assessed and approved to issue IECEx certificates. Implied in this recognition by the IECEx Scheme is that KSC has the qualifications necessary to participate in such an international network.

ExCBs who make up the network have been approved by the IECEx Scheme to evaluate a products, Service Facilities or Personnel competencies to the applicable IEC Standards and provide reliable results that are globally acceptable.  

KSC is Here to Help!

KSC welcomes all clients who wish to achieve an IECEx certification.

KSC would be happy to assist you with the entire IECEx certification process as an approved ExCB in the IECEx 02 Certified Equipment Scheme, IECEx 03 Certified Service Facilities scheme and IECEx 05 Certified Personnel Competencies scheme.

If you have any questions about the process you can contact us at any time.

Further information about the IECEx System and its Schemes, as well as rules, operational documents, procedures, certificates and a list of the IECEx Certification Bodies, You can find on