IECEx Certification

KSC is an Approved Certification Body (CB) for IEC Certifications of Ex Products

What is IEC?

The letters IEC stand for the International Electrotechnical Commission.  Their mission is to “…achieve worldwide use of IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment systems to ensure the safety, efficiency, reliability and interoperability of electrical, electronic and information technologies…”.

Certification is a conformity assessment system.  It is an attestation that a product conforms with defined requirements – in this case, that relevant IEC safety and performance standards have been met. The certification process cannot be avoided and is a requirement for manufacturers wanting their Ex products to be approved for use. “Ex” specifies that such certificates are for Ex products designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

IEC has created an “IECEx Scheme”, a network of certification bodies from around the world, each of which accepts the product testing and assessment results of the others without further examination.  This Scheme enables manufacturers to achieve multiple certifications for their products.

What is the Benefit of an IECEx Certification?

Manufacturers can use an IECEx certificate to obtain national certification in the member countries participating in the IECEx Scheme.

In other words, IECEx’s certification of Ex products represents an approval process that is globally recognized, thereby supporting international trade. International acceptance means that it takes manufacturers less time to get products to market and manufacturers’ testing, and certification costs are reduced. The IECEx system also allows for countries to address their unique, local safety concerns, which are recognized as “National Differences”.

IECEx has created an international database of approved Ex products. Products granted an IECEx certificate by KSC will be added to the database.

What is KSC’s Relationship with IECEx Scheme?

KSC is part of IECEx’s network of Certification Bodies for Ex products (ExCBs) from across the globe.  In other words, KSC has been assessed and approved to issue IECEx certificates. Implied in this recognition by the IECEx Scheme is that KSC has the qualifications necessary to participate in such an international network.

ExCBs who make up the network have been approved by the IECEx Scheme to evaluate a product to the applicable IEC Standards and provide reliable results that are globally acceptable. KSC is also approved by the IECEx Scheme to conduct audits of the locations in which the Ex product will be manufactured.  

What is involved in Testing and Assessment by KSC for IECEx Certification?

KSC undertakes testing of samples of an Ex product under the hazardous conditions in which it will be installed and used. Such testing is used to prove that the product complies with all the requirements of the relevant general and specific IEC Standards, as well as to any National Differences required. Of particular importance is the testing undertaken to ensure that protection techniques included in the product’s design are effective, ensuring that the product is safe, even when installed and used in a hazardous environment.  The result of tests carried out and evaluation made is an IECEx Test Report (ExTR).

KSC also conducts an audit of the environment in which the Ex product will be manufactured.  KSC undertakes an inspection of all the locations where the product will be made to ensure that each location is capable of manufacturing products identical in design and performance to the tested sample. The result of this quality assessment is a Quality Assessment Report (QAR).

Based on the successful results of both ExTR and QAR assessments, KSC issues an IECEx Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

How is an IECEx Certification for an Ex Product Indicated?

Once an IECEx certificate has been issued, KSC then assigns a unique IECEx Certificate of Conformity number to be placed on the product nameplate and literature to demonstrate compliance. When a manufacturer uses the services of KSC, the final marking on an IECEx-certified product illustrates that the product has successfully completed the IECEx certification process.

KSC is Here to Help!

KSC welcomes manufacturers who wish to achieve an IECEx certification.

KSC would be happy to assist you with the entire IECEx certification process as an approved ExCB in the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, covering equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. If you want to undertake an IECEx assessment with us, send a request for quotation. We will inform you about costs, test samples and all necessary steps to meet the requirements of the IECEx scheme.

All rights and duties of applicants and clients, including requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of the certification body's name and certification mark and on the ways of referring to the certification granted are placed in the signed agreements between parties.

If you have any questions about the process you can contact us at any time.